2014 Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon Single Cluster
Oakville Napa Valley
Wine Details

A cordon-trained grapevine, with two arms and five shoots on each arm, optimally ripens two clusters of grapes per shoot. By training our vines to yield a single cluster per shoot, we have increased our vines’ ability to produce a more intensely concentrated wine, from each of our premier single vineyard blocks throughout the Napa Valley. The resulting wines demonstrate the single vineyard’s characteristics and complexities, culminating in a remarkably lush and nuanced high quality wine.



Deep almost blue color this wine displays beautiful complexity beginning with aromas reminiscent of vivacious red and black fruits, such as dark, sweet cherries, mulberry, and fresh blackberries, red licorice, subtle warm spices, graham crackers, dried thyme and herbacious notes. Bold dark red cherries, black raspberries and fresh blackberries, Belgium chocolate and dark roast coffee bean coat the palate, as well as hints of thyme and bay leaf and a distinct minerality, as well as soft earthy components (clay and crushed gravel). Well-structured, complex, and finishes with a silky-smooth tannin structure. This wine will age beautifully for 10+ years.

Presented in a beautiful 1.5 Liter box | Approximate release December 11th

Tasting Notes

$1,000.00 /1.5L

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