Wine Club FAQ

Is there a fee to join the Wine Club?

No, there is no fee to join the Wine Club

Do wine club members receive discounts on Cave Experiences? 

Yes you receive 50% off up to two Cave Experience & Barrel Tastings once per calendar year. Please note that the Wine Club member must be present in order to receive the discount as the benefit is non-transferable. The benefit is available after the first wine club shipment has been received. Please fill out a request for booking your reservation or call the offices at 707-963-2134 so we may assist with your reservation directly as the online reservation system is unable to automatically apply or account for the wine club tasting benefit. Thank you.  Request a reservation here.

I just signed up for the Wine Club, when can I take advantage of Club Membership pricing?

Your Club Membership pricing is activated as soon as you become a member and is automatically applied to the eligible wines in the Club.  Once you’ve cancelled your membership, you will no longer be eligible for membership benefits.

What wines qualify for special pricing? 

Click here for a full list of wines that are eligible for special pricing

Can I customize my Wine Club shipment?

Yes! Each shipment is customizable. We just ask that the order total meets our minimum order requirement of $340.

When will I be charged?

You will receive an email two weeks prior to processing your club shipment.  This allows wine club members to update their credit card or shipping address and make customizations to the shipment. The card will be charged one week prior to shipping in order to allow time for processing and packaging at our warehouse.

What happens if my credit card declines?

You will receive an email notifying you that your credit card has declined and to please go online and update your payment information.  Once updated, we will try to process your shipment again.  If your credit card isn’t updated within a few days, we will email and call to assist with updating your credit card for you.  If we are unable to reach you after multiple attempts, your shipment will be skipped.  If you have already skipped a previous shipment, your Wine Club membership will be cancelled.  *See Skip shipment policy

Can I gift a Wine Club Membership?  

Yes, you can gift the Wine Club.  There are certain limitations when it comes to gifting.  Please contact us for more detailed information

Can I change my order once it has been processed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make modifications to the order once it has been processed.  You will get a reminder email 2 weeks prior to processing your order and will need to make modifications to your order then.

I can’t sign up for the Wine Club, the system is saying my email is already in use. How do I sign up now? 

This means you already have an online account with us. You will be able to sign up for the Wine Club by logging into your existing account.  Having trouble logging in? Select “Forgot my Password” or quickly login with the “Magic Link” on the log in page.

Does someone have to be available to sign for my shipment?

Yes, someone 21 years or older must be present to sign for the shipments. Shipping to a business address is highly recommended.  Please note that we cannot ship to PO Boxes.

What happens if my shipment is returned?

The carrier will make three delivery attempts before returning your package to us. If a shipment is returned, we will contact you to reschedule a new shipping date. A return fee, plus the new shipping charges will be applied.

I just received my tracking information and realized that I need to update my shipping address.  How do I update it if the order is already in transit?

Please contact us to request a reroute of your shipment to a new address. All reroute requests are subject to a reroute fee. Please note, no reroute request is guaranteed.

We are unable to reroute an order over state lines. The original order will need to be recalled back to us and a new order will need to be shipped. The club member will be subject to a recall fee, plus the shipping cost of shipping the additional order.

How are my wines shipped?

We’ve formatted our club shipments to be released when weather conditions are safe for shipping via the ground method.

When will my 3 Club Shipments be shipped?

We carefully time each shipment to avoid inclement weather and may decide to adjust the schedule at any time to protect the wine.

Can I pickup my wines?

Absolutely! There is an option to pickup when signing up.  We will contact you to pre-arrange pickup at one of our tasting rooms once the Wine Club is released.

What is your cancellation policy?

Although we would love for you to stay, just call or email club@deldottovineyards to let us know. You may cancel at any time without penalty.

I was not given the option to customize my Wine Club before completing the sign up. Can I still customize my Club shipment?

Yes, once you select “Complete Club Sign Up” you will be able customize your shipment. You will also receive an email 2 weeks prior to processing your club shipment which will allow you to update your credit card or shipping address and make customizations to the shipment.

Why can’t I remove a wine from my Club shipment? 

Our system recognizes the minimum order total ($340).  If you are unable to remove an item this means that removing that item will put your order total below our minimum requirement.  Make sure to add or “exchange” the wine you would like to replace the bottle with prior to removing the bottle you do not want.

Do you ship outside of the US?  

We are currently only able to ship the Wine Club orders within the US.

I selected a different quantity from the drop down but don’t show the change reflected in my club order.  Why didn’t it update?

Please make sure to select “update” once you make a change to the quantity.  The changes will not save if you do not click “update”.

Can someone help me customize my wine club?

Absolutely!  Please do not hesitate to call or email us at club@deldottovineyards for assistance.  We would love to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Can I skip a Club shipment?

You may skip one shipment per calendar year.  If more than one is skipped, your Wine Club membership will be cancelled.